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The city of Rovinj Rovigno

Events in Rovinj

Calendar of events this year.
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Diving in Rovinj

Diving clubs in Rovinj.
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Other sports in Rovinj

The tourist board site offers more information about sports such as minigolf, bowling and badmington ;)
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Ruins of an ancient castle in Istria, just a few km from Rovinj
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Climbing in Dvigrad
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Here we have gathered information about Rovinj, Istra and the coastal region of Croatia. If you would like to know more about our city's history, read some information that could be useful when you will be in Croatia or learn something about places that you could visit while in Istra, just read below.

Rovinj Rovigno

Why two names?

Most of the places here have two names. Historically, these areas have always been inhabited by two populations: The slavs and the latins, nowadays Croats and Italians. This is the reason why almost everything here has two names, the Coatian and the Italian one.. Rovinj/Rovigno, Istra/Istria, Pula/Pola, Zlatni Rt/Punta Corrente are just a few examples of these.

Rovinj Rovigno is a small town on the north eastern side of the adriatic sea. Its origins date back to the times of the Roman Empire, when, according to the legend, Romans used to have a factory of red paint on a nearby island. And, the city's name probably comes from the name of that paint, "rubinum", red.
Later, Rovinj has had great importance during Venetian times, when Venice was the most prosperous city in all of Europe.
Nowadays, Rovinj is a wonderful seaside city. It counts approximately 13 thousand citizens, and also celebrates the splendour of its past times.


Rovinj has an archipelago if 22 islands, all of which are beautiful, even though the biggest ones St.Andrew and St.Catherina are also the most visited and most mentioned. In the area surrounding Rovinj there are several national natural reserves. These are the park Zlatni Rt (Punta Corrente), the underwater area arount the island of St.John (San Giovanni), the fjord Limski Kanal (Canale di Leme), the area of Palud and also the rock quarry of Monfiorenzo (also known as the Fantasy Quarry).

Istra Istria

Istria is our beautiful county. Apart from nature and beautiful landscapes, its beauty can be found in ancient roman monuments, small middle age and renaissance towns, prehistorical remains, and also its people, the very kind and generous populations of the "Istrijani". There are plenty of places that you should visit when in Istra, apart from the most popular monuments and cities. One thing that you could do is sit in your car and explore. You probably cannot even imagine what beauties of nature you could find on your way.. as well as how many delicious restaurants you could stop to. Anyhow, since you will probably be here for a short time, if you'll want to go for a trip through Istra, we will certainly help you organize it.

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